Climate-resilient management
for safe disinfected and non-disinfected
water supply systems

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  • SafeCREW project meeting in Tarragona

    SafeCREW project meeting in Tarragona

    Today, 21 March 2024, and tomorrow we will meet for the fourth time since the SafeCREW project has started in November 2022. This time, our partners Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona (CAT) and EURECAT offer us their hospitality. This first day we will spend in the premises of CAT in Ampolla, the second day we will…

  • SafeCREW meeting at POLIMI

    SafeCREW meeting at POLIMI

    On 11 and 12 May 2023 the second project meeting of SafeCREW took place in Milan. On the first evening, the team was hosted by our partner MM in the Water Museum Milan and learned about the start of waterworks in Italy. The second day we were hosted by POLIMI. We looked at the achievements…

  • Kickoff meeting of SafeCREW concluded

    Kickoff meeting of SafeCREW concluded

    The safe and affordable supply of drinking water in the EU under the pressure of climate change is a key priority. The European joint project SafeCREW, led by the DVGW Research Centre at Hamburg University of Technology, will address this key priority over the next three and a half years. SafeCREW will develop new methods…