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WEBINAR: Precursors of disinfection by-products

On 4 June 2024, 14:00 – 15:30 (CEST), H2Oforall and SafeCREW are hosting their third joint webinar on disinfection by products to which we would like to invite you.
This time we will focus on Natural Organic Matter (NOM) as “Precursors of disinfection by-products“. Our guest speaker Jean-Philippe Croue, professor in Environmental Engineering at Université de Poitiers, will introduce DBP precursors, their origin, their structural characteristics and recativity. Scientists from the SafeCREW and the H2OforAll team will continue and present two novel approaches for DBP precursor removal.


14:00 Welcome

14:05 DBPs precursors: Origin, structural characteristics, reactivity
Jean Philippe Croue, Professor in Environmental Engineering at Université de Poitiers

14:35 Novel electro-sorptive adsorption technologies to remove natural organic matter in drinking water
Jon Wullenweber, PhD candidate at DVGW-TUHH

14:55 Exploring the potential of catalytic advanced oxidation and enzymatic processes: removal disinfection by-product (DBP) precursors from water
Matheus Pereira and Rui Martins, Chemical Engineering Department – University of Coimbra

15:15 Q&A session and conclusions

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H2OforAll and SafeCREW are two of seven Horizon Europe projects which join forces in the ZeroPollution4Water Cluster with the aim to contribute to high water quality under climate change conditions.

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