Climate-resilient management
for safe disinfected and non-disinfected
water supply systems

WaBoLu-Water Hygiene Days

The 32nd Water Hygiene Days took place in Bad Elster on 07 – 09 February 2024. The event was organised by the association WaBoLu (Verein für Wasser-, Boden- und Lufthygiene e.V.) and the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt). An exchange between science and expert audience like water utilities, laboratories, companies and local health authorities shall be encouraged.

The new Drinking Water Ordinance came into force in Germany in June 2023 and was a core theme of the meeting from different perspectives. Also water treatment and new scientific projects were topics presented.

SafeCREW was presented by Anissa Grieb (DVGW-TUHH) with an overview of the project aims and first preliminary results. On Friday the opportunity was given to join tours at the labs of the Federal Environment Agency. These tours included for example a presentation about analysing material in contact with drinking water, which is also dealt with in a SafeCREW task.

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