Climate-resilient management
for safe disinfected and non-disinfected
water supply systems

Proud to present: The ZeroPollution4Water Cluster at Water Projects Europe 2023

The ZeroPollution4Water Cluster will have its first public presentation on 19th October 2023 at Water Projects Europe 2023 in Brussels. SafeCREW and six sister projects, all fundedy by Horizon Europe under the ZeroPollution Call in 2022, have joined forces to reach out to more water professionals, policy makers and regulators and to increase the uptake of solutions.

The projects intoDBP, H2OforAll, ToDrinq and SafeCREW aim at securing drinking water quality by protecting water sources against pollution, providing innovative monitoring and treatment solutions, and ensuring safe distribution.

The three projects Mar2Protect, Ninfa and Upwater aim at preventing groundwater contamination and protecting its quality against harmful impacts of global and climate change.

We are grateful to the DG RTD and REA for their interest in our work and their support and to Water Europe for coordinating the Cluster.

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