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Dutch Advisory Group on Water Quality visits Politecnico di Milano

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Even though the visit of the Dutch advisory group on water quality to the Politecnico di Milano Dutch group took place some time ago, we would still like to share some impressions.

This advisory group consisted of representatives (managers, advisors and directors) from all 10 drinking water suppliers, 4 drinking water laboratories, the River Water Works Association (RIWA) and the Institute for National Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands. The advisory group meets at least twice a year and provides a platform for the exchange of information on (drinking water) quality issues within the sector. The group monitors developments in water policy closely and advises the Dutch Association of Water Companies (Vewin) and government bodies such as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water and the Regulatory Authority.

To keep up to date with the latest developments in science, policy and technology, the group organises a study trip every two years. Northern Italy is an attractive travel region, as drinking water suppliers in the Veneto region had to deal with massive PFAS contamination in drinking water (springs) in 2013. During this study tour, the advisory group learnt first-hand from policy advisors, researchers and drinking water companies how they are addressing this specific problem, along with other emerging issues, e.g. related to microbial safety, microplastics and chemicals. During the visit, the objectives of SafeCrew and the research group were presented. The aim of this presentation was to establish contact and exchange ideas with representatives of the Dutch drinking water sector, including on chemicals of concern (CEC), and to share knowledge.

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