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14th BioDetectors conference 2024

The picture shows the title of the conference and a typical canal view of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 27 – 28 June 2024

The conference organised by our project partner BDS – BioDetection Systems will bring together scientists involved in the development and application of in vitro effect-based bioanalysis technologies. The conference will cover a variety of topics e.g. bioactivity in drinking water, detection of dioxins in food, safety of plastic packaging in food and medical instruments. All in all, a good opportunity to know detection strategies used by different research groups and companies.

You are invited to attend and actively partipate (Presentation or Poster) to the 14th BioDetectors Conference 2024. Keep updated here.

BioDetection Systems b.v. (BDS) is a Dutch company providing bio-based screening technologies for safety, quality and bioactivity assessment.

In the project, BDS is responsible for the in vitro protocols to establish toxicity profiles for DBP mixtures and treated water. BDS aims to develop novel in vitro alternative non-animal methods for DBP assessment, leading to a new bioanalysis market. Steps for further development towards TRL 9 include a) carrying out trials on several advanced water treatment technologies with companies; b) promoting trademarked bioanalysis tools on the global market; and e) licensing to governmental institutes, universities, and companies.

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