Climate-resilient management
for safe disinfected and non-disinfected
water supply systems


public deliverables

Deliverables to be expected in the next twelve months

D1.1 Advanced analytical procedures for the characterisation of disinfection by-products and methodology for remote sensing of natural organic matter – public report

D1.2 Robust analytical methods to comprehensively characterise natural organic matter and related disinfection by-products formation potential – public report

D1.3 Test protocol for effect-based in-vitro toxicity assessment of disinfection by products – public report

D2.2 Report on material properties of conductive membrane for optimal disinfection by-product precursor removal – public report

D4.1 A set of climate change scenarios and related impacts summarised through infographics, and guidelines for tipping point identification – public report

D5.6 Summary of communication and clustering activities in year 1 – public report